• What skip sizes do you have?

    We have sizes 2mt, 3mt, 4mt, 6mt and 9mt skip bins

  • How long is the hire for?

    The hire is based on 4 days up to 7 days subject to individual needs. Collection can be earlier if required

  • How much advance notice do you need?

    Usually the next day or even we even do same day delivery

  • How to we pay for the hiring cost?

    We accept credit card, cash or EFT

  • How much weight can we put in the bin?

    The weight is subject to negotiation.

  • Where can you place the bin?

    Usually anywhere where there is enough room to unload.

  • What can we not put inside the skip?

    No asbestos, flammable liquids, oil, paint and chemicals. Mattresses, e-waste, tyres and gas bottles are charged extra

  • How high can the skip bin loaded up?

    Level with the top of skip

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