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Skip Bin Hire in AdelaideHave you moved into a new house? Are you doing maintenance cleaning and looking for something to dump your waste? There’s nothing to worry about. Mega Skips is only a call away to provide you with the best service.

Mega Skips offers one of the best services to manage waste. We have different size of skip bins. Our team can completely guide you to help you choose the correct size of skip bins. Different size of skip bins comes with different prices. Skip bins Adelaide prices will vary as per the size and the duration. Unlike many others, our skip bin hire price in Adelaide is the most competitive one. We offer the best price with the premium service to our customers.

Mega Skips is a believer in utmost customer satisfaction. Adelaide skip bin hire prices are paid by customers, therefore we understand that it is our duty to deliver skip bins on requested date and day. We also take responsibility for any unforeseen circumstances that may have occurred and we shall do our best to resolve with ease. We respect each and every customer and we ensure that they are quoted with a correct skip bin hire price in Adelaide.

Mega Skips is a genuine company and it has no hidden policy or any hidden cost. We do our business with transparency. How we do Adelaide skip bin hire prices is important for our customers to know. We usually look for the materials that will go in the skip bins. Another criterion we look into is the size of the bin and the length of time it is going to be with you on your ground. If the place where skip bin is to be placed does not belong to you, then we may charge for the additional counsel fees. Any other extra cost may incur if you dump materials that are charged for dumping. At times, the sites where the skip bins are to be placed are cancelled or are changed. In such a case, we may proceed after cancellation or rescheduled process is made.

Mega Skips is working towards a better environment by managing waste. We urge each of you to not dump waste here and there. It can lead to dirty surrounding and health risk. We offer affordable skip bin hire price in Adelaide. Let’s join hand for clean surrounding.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Mega Skips:

Our knowledgeable staff can assist you in choosing the right skip bin size depending on your needs for disposing of rubbish. For assistance, you can also consult our online guide or get in touch with our helpful team.

You are free to select the skip bin hire duration that best fits your requirements. Please let us know in advance if you need an extension, and we'll try our best to comply.

Certain materials have disposal fees. Therefore, there can be additional costs. You can be responsible for additional municipal fees if the drop-off location is not your property. In our price structure, openness is of utmost importance

Mega Skips is dedicated to environmentally friendly waste management. In order to encourage appropriate garbage disposal methods, we provide cheap skip bin hire prices in Adelaide and urge clients to refrain from unlawful dumping.

What size skip bin do you need?


2 Cubic Metres Skip Bin

2 Cubic Metres

Equivalent to 2off
6 x 4 trailers

Starting From – $130

3 Cubic Metres Skip Bin

3 Cubic Metres

Equivalent to 3off
6 x 4 trailers

Starting From – $180

4 Cubic Metres Skip Bin

4 Cubic Metres

Equivalent to 4off
6 x 4 trailers

Starting From – $220

6 Cubic Metres Skip Bin

6 Cubic Metres

Equivalent to 6off
6 x 4 trailers

Starting From – $240

9 Cubic Metres Skip Bin

9 Cubic Metres

Equivalent to 9off
6 x 4 trailers

Starting From – $300
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