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Dumping everyday waste is a very daunting task for most people in Adelaide and elsewhere. Taking care of things like overfilling, dumping costs, weight limits, recycling options, and many other aspects almost become mandatory as one does not wish to be charged unnecessarily for mistakes that could have been avoided.

To avoid hassles in waste dumping, hiring a skip bin is always beneficial and also is cost-effective. Moreover, such type of skip bin hire services in Adelaide will only help you in getting rid of unwanted wastes that can be categorized into different types. To elaborate on this point, one should know the types of waste that are produced at different homes, offices and industrial units:

  • Home cleanups: These are the domestic wastes that are produced at homes or at offices.
  • Soil/Dirt: The soil or other dirt materials.
  • Green waste / Garden waste: Wastes that are produced in the gardens.
  • Building and renovation waste: Construction site wastes.
  • Others: Other wastes like bricks, tiles, tyres, mattresses, scrap metals, old appliances and furniture and also old car bodies and like these many more.

After having identified the type of waste, the next stage is to decide which bin would best suit your requirements. Certain wastes which need not require a skip bin, disposing of them separately would be the best solution. These items include old mattresses, cushions, and other wastes such as old TV, fridge, washing machines etc. If you enquire with the different skip bins services in Adelaide, you may get a variety of best value solutions where they may offer you dispose/recycle options as well.

Additional things that people need to know with these skip bins is that one should know what to put and what not to put in such skip bins. As per the law, there are certain items that cannot be dumped into skip bins – first and foremost being human as well as animal excreta. Also other hazardous wastes and liquids, oil, vehicle tyres, paint, asbestos etc. are also a strict no-no. When it comes to green waste, they also have limits. You should also consider not overfilling the bin. There is a limit to fill these skip bins. If found excess materials, it would invite unnecessary excess amount. Anything that is unclear should be first made clear with your service provider or it results in surplus charges.

The excessive charge is collected due to occupational health and safety legislation laws. Any skip bin hire services transporting waste containers that are beyond limits attract penalty and these services are blacklisted in their respective locations.

We, at Mega Skips, are the pioneers in environmentally friendly rubbish removal services. We follow our motto “Your Rubbish Is Our Business” to the core giving our domestic, commercial and industrial customers’ services that are best in quality. Our team specialists work together in providing our customer’s hassle-free services to give the local community an environment to enjoy while you sit at the comfort of your homes. Read on to find the best skip bin hire in Adelaide.

We take pride in providing cheap skip bin hire services with the following additions:

  • Prompt bin delivery
  • Flexible bin use time frame
  • Improved work site cleanliness and safety
  • Reliable pick-up times
  • A variety of bin sizes
  • Eco-friendly waste removal

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